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Reality Check

2. REALITY CHECK When you handle complaints of discrimination from employees or applicants, and evaluate information developed through investigations, recognize that some employers may have a limited perspective that prevents them from viewing the evidence objectively. Consider that the evidence may later be evaluated by independent government agencies, judges or juries, and even the public. Try to be fair and balanced in your evaluation of the evidence, and not be limited to a management perspective. It may be helpful to discuss the matters with attorneys or other professionals to obtain objective input.

It is usually the best course of action to be resolution oriented. If you resolve small problems early you will more likely avoid big problems later. Employment discrimination cases that are filed in court commonly involve employment disputes that developed over a period of years. During that time the employment relationship with the employee may have become increasingly conflictive and unproductive. Tremendous amounts of time and money and productivity are wasted by employers who do not make reasonable efforts to resolve employment disputes with their employees. Some employers may avoid settling discrimination complaints because they feel it would be a sign of weakness, or it may encourage other employees to complain. Consider that employers may save substantial amounts of time and money, and also maintain productive work environments and positive public images, by resolving discrimination complaints fairly and promptly.

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