Employee / Applicant Information

eeolaw.com Information for Employees and Applicants for Employment

This page contains information that may be useful to employees and applicants who feel that they are being subjected to unlawful discrimination.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored Persons

This site contains information about NAACP programs, including its Labor Division.

LatinoWeb Resources

The Civil Rights and Legal Aid page of this site provides numerous links.

clnet's Chicana Studies Web Page

This site's Resources and Topics - Labor page, and and other pages, provide links.

National Organization for Women

This site has pages on Affirmative Action, Sexual Harassment, Racial and Ethnic Diversity, and Women-Friendly Workplace.

Asian Community Online Network

Links to Asian organizations are are included at this site.

UCLA Asian American Studies Center

This site contains information and links on Asian American topics.


NativeWeb has an Indigenous People's Law & Legal Issues page.

Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center

This site provides information about the Americans With Disabilities Act, and other related sources of information.

American Civil Liberties Union

The ACLU Workplace Rights page provides access to other pages on Civil Liberties on the Job, Workplace Rights Materials, and Workplace Rights Resources.

Gay Workplace Issues Homepage

This site contains information on Gay Employee Groups, Company Policies on Gay Workplace Issues, Unions and Gay Employees, and Government and Gay Workplace Issues.


LaborNet provides information on unions and labor organizations, and contains a page on Labor-relevant Legislation and Legal Information.

Other pages on the eeolaw.com site contain additional information and links that may be useful to employees and applicants for employment.

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